• Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander
  • Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander

Yoga Pull Up Rope Expander

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Over the years, Yoga has become a favorite exercise for people across the world. However, it isn’t that interesting when doing it on your own. Well, thanks to this Yoga sit-up fitness equipment, your home workouts just got interesting. The one advantage of having this fitness equipment is that you can exercise in the comfort of your home without worrying about taking up too much space.

Its elastic and lightweight nature also makes it possible for you to stretch this fitness equipment without worrying about it breaking in half.


  • Multifunctional

It is quite rare to find a piece of fitness equipment that caters for all your needs. This is what the yoga sit-up fitness equipment does. With this equipment, you can work on your shoulders, legs, abs, and hands.


  • How to Use this Equipment

Since this equipment allows you to work on different parts of the body, this means that you have to use it differently. Here is how to use this equipment for various exercises.


  • Shoulder Exercise

First, stand still with both your feet on the footrest. Next, hold the handle of this equipment and firmly pull it up and down. You can do so for 15 times each and repeat it at least two to three times. Using this shoulder exercise can help increase your shoulders flexibility and prevent different shoulder diseases.

  • Leg Exercise

For the leg exercise, start by lying on your back using a yoga mat. Next, place your feet on the footrest and grab the handle. Once your hands and feet are in place, lift your legs and bend them at a 90 degrees angle.

Move your feet forward and backward. This movement will help work your legs. You can do this workout at least 15 times.

  • Waist Exercise

To perform this exercise, start by placing your feet flat on the ground while inside the footrest. Next, hold the handle. Since the pipe is flexible, you can do sit-ups comfortably.

  • Hand Exercise

While sitting on a chair, with your feet on the footrest, pull the handle up and down to work on your hands. Make sure your feet are at a 90-degree angle.

  • Easy to use

This fitness equipment only comprises three parts; the handle, footrest, and pipe. To exercise, all you have to do is place your feet on the footrest, and pull the handle. Now, is that not an easy way to workout.

  • Durable Material

This fitness equipment is made from NBR foam and TPR high-quality latex that ensure the durability of the yoga sit-up fitness equipment. You can be confident that this equipment will last for long despite the intensity of your workouts.

  • Portability

This fitness equipment is lightweight, thus making it portable. You can carry it to different places without worrying about it, adding weight to your travel bag.

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